Mexican Lasagna

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Ingredients:1 big box of Velveeta1 box of Philly cream cheese1 pack of burrito or taco season1 med size jar of salsa-mild1 pack of 8 large flour tortilla shells1lb of ground beef1 small jar of spaghetti sauce
1 pack of shredded cheddar1 16oz tub of sour cream  **jalepeno's & 1 can of rotel tomatoes for spiceylasagna**

Brown beef in skillet. Drain excess greases.  Add burrito/taco season, salsa, & spaghetti sauce, and simmer

While prepping the beef, cut velveeta into thick sandwich slices, then cut in half. Line center of tortilla with 3 half pieces of velveeta. (in a downward position)

Using a butter knife, slice cream cheese length wise and spread on top of velveeta on center of tortilla. Wrap tortilla (loosely), and place in cake pan. Do this until cake pan it full, but BE CAREFUL....do not place them in too tight!!

Once completed, top tortilla's (in pan) with beef mixture and spread evenly. Dump entire 16 oz tub of sour cream on top of beef mix and spread evenly. Take 1 pack of shredded cheddar and spread on top of sour cream evenly.

****For extra flavor you can add Rotel tomatoes in with your beef mix, and Jalepeno's on the top of the cheese****

Place in oven until cheese is completely melted. Once cheese is melted, take out of oven and cool for approx 15 mins. Cut and serve!


  1. That sounds yummy! Wonder what the carb count would be per slice. I've been finding some really yummy recipes on recipezaar.com lately. Have been wanting to make something different from the norm for dinners now that both kids are in school atleast part of the day LOL. They seem to like everything I've made so far, and hubby is happy too. Even made the comment the other day he thinks hes gaining weight LOL! I told him to just blame the cook LOL!

  2. Sounds deli-ci-o-so! Thanks for the follow on Mommy Rantings (www.imnotnagging.blogspot.com)...following back.

  3. Dawn, I treat for the tortilla's only-generally figure 20 grams of carbs, and that has worked wonderful for us.

    Queen Mom, it is wonderful! Thanks for following!

    Be sure to let me know if you try it and what you think!