Lesson learned!

Ok, I said in my post last night that little girl's #'s were looking good and I was going to get some sleep. (Especially since I had only 2 hours the night before) Maybe I should not have posted that, because shortly after I went to bed and started to doze off, Dexie started beeping...

She went from 178 to 98 in a short time! I had not changed any settings because she sometimes runs a different  pattern for about 3 days and then goes back to normal. Now, for the past 4 days, she has been running alot of lows-all day and night, and prior, I had her settings tweaked perfectly! It doesn't happen often, but when you get those great #'s, you enjoy them while they last!

Needless to say, when Dexie started beeping, she woke up. I offered her everything under the sun, and she refused all of it. Finally she stated she would like a drink of Mommy's coke...we all know the stubbornness that comes with lows, and personally, I choose to avoid any further confusion and drama, so I thought great! She is willing to drink coke, not a problem. I poured 2oz of coke in her cup, she drank it, #'s came up to 154, and off to bed we went.

An hour later, Dexie started beeping yet again...LOW! She was 78! Again, she refused everything I offered her, but I finally got her to drink 2oz of juice. Waited for the 20 min check, and she was only 134. I offered her yet 2 more oz of juice and to bed we went. She was wired for sound and refused to go to sleep! I figured it was because she may be dropping still, and patiently watched her Dexie....

She needed juice 2 more times thru the night! And at this point, I believe the caffeine from the coke had kicked in and she was ready to get up and play. Being half comatose myself, it took me a while to realize she was wired from the 2oz of coke...

After the 4th low, around 7am, we both finally got a little sleep. In the future, I will NOT give coke thru the night! Lesson learned!


  1. Finally found you!
    Totally here you about the coke at night! We now only use sprite!:)

  2. Great idea! Seems sometimes she only wants soda's...I will def try that. Thank you!

  3. Have you tried giving her something like the CapriSun juice pouches? Some D-moms Ive talked to said they give their kids that for hypo episodes. I personally never tried this, but it is 15-16g simple carb so it makes sense to me. I've never had a problem with getting Lenny to drink juice or eat some tabs for his hypo's so never really h ad to venture into the "alternatives" yet. Sorry to hear you had such a rough night. Isn't it funny, if us d-moms aren't up all night because of hypo's/hypers, were up due to other forces LOL! Last night I was up all night with my daugther because of a toothache, and my son had a relatively good d night. Everyday, I think to myself, that phrase "A woman's work is never done" has got to be the understatement of the century! LOL! Keep up the awesome work mama! You both are doing great!

  4. Dawn-I also keep the Capri Sun on hand, but when she gets low, she is almost impossible to get to eat. I have literally poured cake gel in her mouth and she refused to swallow. I was being nice and basically took my time getting a napkin for her to spit it out on hoping to buy enough time for some of the sugar to absorb thru her cheeks.
    Thank you!