I have been chosen

Sometimes we take things in life for granted.
No one likes having a sick child, or having a child who's life is literally threatened by a disease.
We lose alot of sleep, stress, gain or lose massive weight, lose lots of hair, have enormous bags under our eyes, deal with many doctor  appointments, around the clock constant worrying, 24 hour a day monitoring, and if they checked our blood, we would probably bleed coffee!
Do I hate diabetes? Not for a moment. 
Do I hate what diabetes does to my toddler? You betcha! 
Do I rant and rave thru the house pissed because I had plans and now my daughter's sick or has BG's of 400? NEVER!
I am a firm believer that we parents of Type 1's or other medically fragile children were chosen for a reason. We are stronger than we realize and have been chosen by God to take care of his Angels. I am very honored. 
I also feel that however I handle or look at diabetes, is how my child will look at it. I would not ever want my daughter to be ashamed of her disease, or hate her life because she has hard hills to climb due to this disease.
I want my daughter to take this disease and make the best of it, just like any other challenge in life. 
She will have to be the one monitoring herself, and making choices that will be in the best interest of her care down the road. I want her to do this with a positive outlook, and I would never want her to give up and not take care of herself, therefore I choose to have a positive attitude about Diabetes.
I have met the most amazing people thru the Diabetes Community. People I would have never gotten to meet or talk to had my daughter  been a normal healthy child. 
I would love a cure as much, if not more than everyone else, but right now, there is no cure. So I will continue being positive, supportive, and grateful that I have my child alive and thriving to take care of, and I thank God everyday that she was diagnosed in time so that I have many more years to cherish with her.


  1. HI FIVE! Thank you for your positive perspective. It's so important to remember to be grateful for our blessings. These beautiful children are a gift -- the mere fact that they exist to impact the world around them is a blessing indeed! Diabetes is just a fringe benefit on the journey.

  2. Amen! Great perspective! D has brought us so many blessings that I have to be grateful. I think we were chosen for a reason, too. Glad I found your blog!

  3. Thank you Wendy & Hallie! I could not agree with you both more!
    Blessings my friends !

  4. Very well said! D h as brought blessings, despite everything else it brings along with those blessings.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree! Beautiful post!

  6. Beautifully said, Friend. Beautifully said!