Some of God's greatest gifts, are un-answered prayers

My life has been full of challenges. I thought several yrs ago that my whole life had just turned upside down on me. I was going down a path of un-certain changes. Trying to re-find myself and figure out who I was and what life had in store for me. Decisions were made for me (by someone else) that tore my heart in two, but I had no choice but to be strong and prevent myself from going down the wrong path (which is so easy to do)!

I did make some awesome friends through my journey, and also some seasonal people, you know, the ones that are in your life for a moment, then gone. I learned alot from my friends, and even from the seasonal ones.

It took me a long time to find myself. I first had to learn to "let go" of the past and what had happened to me. Once I did that, everything started coming together. Just like a puzzle, the pieces were connecting and things were finally clear to me.

I learned to like myself alot more and to accept who I was and what I represent. 

Since my heart was shattered those years ago, I was and am very sceptical of dating and honestly, it gave me a bitter taste. I did not date at all for a few years, then found myself involved with someone I did not want to be with.

I was never out to find "Mr. Perfect" and have no intentions of ever being involved seriously again.

It is amazing that when I look back now, the person that made those life changing decisions for me was right, I am so much better off without him.

I used to pray that I could have "my life" back, the one I was accustom to. I honestly think had that prayer been answered, I would not be happy. 
So yeah, some of God's greatest gifts, are
un-answered prayers.

Little did I know, there was a much better plan in store for me. 
God knew exactly what he was doing, and I thank him everyday for helping me through my journey and for bringing much joy and happiness to my life.


  1. God is good all the time.....sometimes we don't understand His plan....but I'm never disappointed when I hang in there and just let Him continue to lead.

  2. That song always gives me pause, because it is so true! I'm glad you are on the path that you want to be on...the past that is best for you! And I'm especially happy that you are finding happiness through it all!

  3. Wendy you are sooo right! He has always taken care of us.
    Thank you Meri! That song always brings me back to those times..